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Active Project Version Control with Git

Wednesday, May 15, 2024, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Tired of wading through files titled paper_v1, paper_v2, paper_v3_beforeAdvisor... ?

Final_v2_rev3_final_FINAL.docx got you down? Version tracking, or version control, is the management of changes to any file or document. Version control is like a savings program for your project. Implementing a file versioning strategy at the beginning of your research project will help to avoid confusion amongst collaborators and avoid lost time and effort trying to recover the "right" version of a file.

Attendees will participate in multiple exercises in setting up repositories, where the changes and history are stored, working through the iterative process of altering files & recording changes, and rewinding the clock to retrieve a file at any point in the creative process.

This hands-on workshop will introduce the concepts of using a version control system to manage changes and the history of your data files (text, web, scripts, etc.).

Instructors: Will Gammerdinger, Research Associate, Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core
Meeta Mistry, Interim Director of Bioinformatics Training, Senior Research Scientist, Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core

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