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Webinar Screening: Windows 10 Narrator 101

Webinar Screening: Windows 10 Narrator 101

Join us for a screening of the "Narrator 101" webinar for Windows 10, presented by Jeff Bishop and Mariah Moon from the Narrator team from Microsoft.


Windows 10 includes features designed to empower every person to achieve their full potential, including people with vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive and speech disabilities. This session is designed for those individuals wanting to learn more about how to use Narrator, the free built in screen reader included with Windows 10. In the current Windows release we have brought a number of major improvements to Narrator to make it easier to learn and use as well as making it more familiar for existing screen reader users. Join us, ask questions, and learn directly from members of the Narrator team.

During this session we will demonstrate how to:

  • Start Narrator.
  • Use the new QuickStart tutorial
  • Fine tune your Narrator experience with the rich set of Settings.
  • Browse the web with Narrator.
  • Send and receive email with Narrator.

After completing this session you should be familiar with the basic concepts needed to use Narrator, including using basic Narrator commands, browsing the web, changing Narrator settings and sending and receiving email.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019
3:00pm - 4:00pm
User Research Center - Lab
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