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Immersive Design: Concept-to-print workflows using virtual reality

Immersive Design: Concept-to-print workflows using virtual reality

Imagine a studio with infinite raw materials; endless canvas space; and an instantly accessible tool kit. These benefits are combined and realized in a recently released suite of VR-based design software including Gravity Sketch, Tiltbrush, Masterpiece VR, and Oculus Medium.

By allowing for the simultaneous extrusion, translation, and rotation of digital “clay”, these platforms empower those who may lack traditional CAD/CAM experience to quickly develop and fabricate 3D printable prototypes, products, art objects, and much more.

Join a small group of fellow creators for a workshop that explores the benefits of immersive design and lays out, step-by-step, how to fabricate physical outputs from virtual materials using newly available Harvard Libraries resources, including Oculus Quest headsets and 3D printing services now being piloted at Cabot Science Library.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
10:30am - 11:30am
Cabot Library
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Event Organizer

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Matt Cook

I’m here to support your work with emerging computational methods, engaging learning spaces, and a campus-wide network of technological expertise. My personal research interests include 3D technologies (e.g. photogrammetry, VR, etc.) and embodied cognition. After studying philosophy at the undergraduate and graduate level (at the Universities of Florida and Oklahoma, respectively), I began working full time in libraries and developing new tools and systems to augment research and instruction across disciplines. 

As a researcher, I also study the state and trajectory of digital scholarship more generally, as well as what it takes to manage exploratory teams in libraries and the impact of new knowledge services related to physical fabrication and mindfulness. If you are considering a digital scholarship component for your project, please reach out so we can discuss how  myriad library resources and collections might be employed to support your research, your lab, and/or other aspects of your scholarship. 

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